Terminal 1
Release date: June 2004
Released by: Concord Records

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Terminal 1
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  "In recording this CD, I wanted to musically commemorate Steven Spielberg's picture, The Terminal. I am so proud to say I had the greatest support on this CD from musicians of the highest caliber in the person of Eddie Henderson, trumpet; Mike LeDonne, piano; Buster Williams, bass; Carl Allen, drums. On this CD, Concord Records has afforded me this opportunity to continue showing my wares as I unremittingly try to add my creativity to the fabric called jazz. It would be extremely difficult to move ahead without the vision and support of such a company, and John Burk, the producer, in particular.

"Terminal 1" symbolizes the comings and goings of people in all airports around the world. All of which was inspired by Stephen Spielberg's film, The Terminal."

Benny Golson

In the movie 'The Terminal' Benny Golson has a small speaking role with Tom Hanks. Tom Hank's character is trying to get an autograph from Benny to fulfil a promise to his departed father, who was a jazz fan. Over a period of time, his father had gotten everyone's autograph from all jazz musicians and composers on the now famous "Great Day in Harlem" photograph - with the exception of Benny Golson's.

The musicians:

Benny Golson: Saxophone
Eddie Henderson: Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Mike Ledonne: Piano
Buster Williams: Bass
Carl Allen: Drums