Dear Mr. Golson,
A jazz fan since the late 1950's, I've always been amazed at the power and fluency of your playing. Today, listening to you solo on Serenata with Art Farmer and The Jazztet, I thought--wow! Benny always sounds so fresh and good! So just a note from a hard-core fan of Coltrane and Chris Potter and all the other tenor masters to acknowledge that YOUR ARE RIGHT THERE ALWAYS.

Best wishes and best of health and happiness
Richard Ferrie

Mr. Golson,

I find your solos and compositions extremely enjoyable. I love the way your solos talk. They seem to always have something interesting and passionate to say. I am pressured by my teachers to study and analyse the technicalities of Coltrane and Bird, but I find mself reaching back to your solos as a source of inspiration. Your solos just let me sit back and enjoy jazz for what it is and what it sounds like, without having to tell myself to pay attention. You are by far my most favourite jazzman.

A young study of the craft,
Emily, Australia

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Benny Golson with fans